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No need to download or install, use on any mobile device or smart voice assistant.

Saves Time & Money

Get children activities promo discounts that help you save. Get a full childcare solution within minutes.

On Demand Expertise

Become a childminders expert within minutes, find the best ones, learn the rules, and more.

Communication Sync

Your personal Childminder Assistant helps you keep everything in sync with child care pros, calendar and children activities.

Popular Children Activities

Step by Step Children Activities Guide. From Toddlers to Teens.

Keep track of child activities

Advanced machine learning algorithms to learn and fulfil your needs, yet simple to use.

Powerful automation assistant to guide you step by step, via voice or browser.

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The Childminders App Is Here To Help!

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  • Find trusted local child care services, get important updates
  • Book and sync childminder services, sync activities with calendar
  • Automated children activity finder, get promotions and event notifications
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Childminders App Service

Get a activities booked the right way with your Childminders Assistant.


All planning and organising in one stop, from childminders to tutoring services. Makes it easier to track down activities.

  • Child care rate guides, find ways to pay for services
  • All you need about child care services
  • Get all questions answered before booking any service or activity
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After School

Get all covered before starting any project, save more by comparing the best options available.

  • Find after school activities and care services in your area
  • Compare rates and explore different financing options
  • Learn details about every service and activity you are considering
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Weekends & Holidays

When you start a carefully planned project, it is easier to keep track on expenses and progress as well as to detect any possible issues.

  • Find weekend and holiday activities in your area
  • Easily book activities, find new things to do for your children
  • Get promo discounts and event updates and save time and money
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Explore Childcare Activities In Your Area

The Childminders Assistant is here to help.

Fast, Easy & Free Childcare Assistant

If you don't know where to start the Childminders Assistant can help you get your plans sorted within minutes, and free.


Childcare Guide
  • Planning, Booking, Guides
  • Childcare Service Comparison
  • Qualified Child Care Pros
  • Financing Assistance
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Full Childcare Guide
  • Planning, Booking, Guides
  • Childcare Service Comparison
  • Qualified Child Care Pros
  • Financing Assistance
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Full Childcare Guide
  • Planning, Booking, Guides
  • Child Activities Comparison
  • Activity Finder & Updates
  • Rates Calculator
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Qualified Childminders

Find trusted local professionals for childmining, tutoring or babysitting.

ADI Childcare
Thames Ditton
Bethan Maples
Susan Simons
Math Tutor
Nina Ritz

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